5 Dimensions of Self Care

Dimensional Self Care Hello my beautiful sisters, I don't know about you but for me I have to schedule in “self care.” Yeah I’m sure you can concur.These days I watch my older daughters 27 and 22 respectively juggle work, school, relationships, and a social life; well the social life is dwindling as they both… Continue reading 5 Dimensions of Self Care

Dear Younger Me

Hello my beautiful sisters, Teaching teenage girls gives me the rare opportunity to closely examine exactly what girls think of themselves and what they say to each other. Unfortunately, there isn't much love and appreciation for self or others. There's this openly displayed dislike of their bodies and they are always unsure about themselves. I… Continue reading Dear Younger Me

Establishing Personal Boundaries

Hello my Beautiful Sisters, Sorry I’ve been away but I will jump right into it. I have so much to share. Establishing boundaries is an absolute necessity. No exaggeration! Using my own personal experience here and from my observations of friends, family and my students; females have great difficulty with setting boundaries. Why? One reason… Continue reading Establishing Personal Boundaries

Depression – 5 Ways You Can Help Your Teenage Daughter

There are many things we want to protect our daughters from starting with the smallest boo boo to the biggest bully in the school yard. But one of the scariest, most paralyzing fear is a situation that creeps in, like a thief in the night to steal the joyous, blossoming, beautiful, smiling daughter you have… Continue reading Depression – 5 Ways You Can Help Your Teenage Daughter

Money Matters Ma! 5 ways to teach financial literacy to our girls

I didn’t learn financial responsibility until my late 20’s and even then it was a struggle. You’re supposed to have your stuff together in your 20’s but that point is moot at the moment. I strongly believe financial literacy should not only start from home but also very young. At what age…? well that is… Continue reading Money Matters Ma! 5 ways to teach financial literacy to our girls