5 Dimensions of Self Care

Dimensional Self Care

Dimensional Self Care

Hello my beautiful sisters,

I don’t know about you but for me I have to schedule in “self care.” Yeah I’m sure you can concur.These days I watch my older daughters 27 and 22 respectively juggle work, school, relationships, and a social life; well the social life is dwindling as they both realize adulting can literally suck the life out of you LOL.

However, currently at this wiser age, while I am not by any means luxuriating with free time, I am learning. It’s a struggle to set aside time for myself. So I don’t. I have found when I try to “schedule in” my self care in most cases it doesn’t work.
So, whether I’m writing, driving, taking a shower, or during my planning in my classroom I remember to take these moments and treasure them. I don’t rush through them but remain present and realize this is my self care. These moments disappear before you even realize it was self care.

Self care and Love for self

Everyone knows (but rarely do it) that it’s important to work from a full cup. As the fantastic females we are, we forget that we must recharge if we’re to continue to replenish everyone else.

So on that note,I’d like to share with you a different look at self care. It is much more than we originally thought. There are layers or dimensions to our self care. Think of it as the whole body approach to self care.

Emotional dimension self care

Here are 5 Dimensions of Self-Care

EmotionalEmotional self-care means honoring your feelings. Be aware of them, treat them with love, kindness and forgiveness. This also applies to the emotions others bring out in us. Acknowledge the changes in our moods;  ask ourselves why and address it.

Intellectual dimension self care

Intellectual – Yes we need to feed our brains. Intellectual self-care is personal growth from within. I myself have always believed that learning never stops; from the cradle to the grave. Engage in the new and different. Indulge in the practice of mindfulness from the moment you open your eyes.

Social dimension self care

Social – Try to remember your friends and family in our very hectic lives. Reach out and say hey let’s have some lunch, coffee, or talk. Social interaction with our peers and family builds a sense of community. After all we are social beings. When we turn to our friends and family we connect, we’re uplifted, and it creates a sense of belonging.

Physical dimension self care
Physical – Physical self care, definitely  a given but largely ignored. I’m certainly not talking about hitting the gym 7 days a week but there are so many benefits to physical self care that we really should give it some play. I recently learned that physical self-care doesn’t even have to be in the gym.  Think outside… some fresh air and sun. I walk for 20 to 30 minutes or I dance. How about an activity  you did when you were younger … skip rope?

Spiritual dimension self care

Spiritual – No I don’t mean religion. This dimension is no less important than the others and requires the same level of attention. Spiritual self care is standing in your own truth. Your authenticity. What are your core values or ethics that makes you, you? Do you honor them or grant them a seat at the table? When you honor your authenticity you feed your soul and cherish who you are from the inside.

How do you self-care? Try one or all of these dimensions and share. I would love to hear how you self care.

Empower yourself,