Girl Power Gratitude

Hello My Beautiful Sisters,

Many years after listening to an Oprah episode about writing in a gratitude journal I decided to run out and purchase gratitude journals for my children. I can not begin to tell you all the benefits this offered. I just knew this would help with my inner disquieting  question of ‘Am I being a good parent?” There are times of course when I nailed it but there are many more times when I really am baffled by the blatant examples of having raised entitled children. I tell you I want to scream sometimes. But my neighbors already think I’m strange.

So I sat my kids down and launched into why we all should be writing in gratitude journals ( yes I know what you’re thinking) but my kids already know I’m weird.

Gratitude… such a simple word that carries so much meaning. I really wanted to bring home to my children what it meant to be grateful and preaching about it was not working.

So why write your thoughts down? Well there’s POWER in words.
Write, every day if you can, what you are grateful for; it definitely made a difference in my kids and in me.

Gratitude to Others

Practice Gratitude To Others

 How you may ask?

Do something small but thoughtful like help with the dishes after dinner, ask someone if they want a cup of tea or,
Give a hug. You can’t imagine what a great hug will do. It’s like a huge band aid or
Randomly tell someone if they ever need anything or want to talk say you’re there for them or
Smile- one of my favorites. No explanation needed. Try it; you’ll see.
Say the words “ I appreciate you”.

Gratitude for self bliss
Show Gratitude to Yourself

Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. Showing gratitude to yourself is self love.

-Make a list of the ways you are impressed with yourself. I’ll start “I’m so impressed with my ability to give girls solace when they need it”, or
-Accept compliments and praise. Many of us have difficulty with this. I am a work in progress, or
-Treat yourself. Doesn’t have to be extravagant…sit outside in the sunshine…smile, get a massage or a hot shower ( another one of my favorites), or
-Write yourself a love letter. Start with Dear Me… End with love you.

So how do you show gratitude?

Empower yourself, Aminah